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Call Of Duty 5 Sound Not Working


I was about to uninstall the game completely, but the vista trick works. You must have chose the wrong settings, make sure you follow the intructions in the link EXACTLY. Dumped whole computer and it still does it I hope it isn't like that for me with this 50.00 Waste of money. Lobby in L4D it's the wierdest thing. weblink

Zorlac02-10-2009, 12:12 AMKeeping this at the top so that we don't get flooded with questions about it. jellyink02-19-2009, 01:53 AMI hunted aroundd that link/forum and couldn't find anything specific. Yep, that was it. coyoterys02-20-2009, 10:08 AMIs this problem only isolated to the Steam version?

Call Of Duty World At War No Sound Windows 8

All my other games work fine. JustinL02-11-2009, 04:40 PMThread stickified, and renamed (For more visibility. I hope they fix it really fast! Cheers again..

It's not exactly the way I want it, but at least it's working for now.So if you get the no sound issue, then give this a shot. Zorlac02-10-2009, 01:15 PMConfirmed works. in control panel i have sound and audio devices and realtek hd sound effect manager.In sound and audio devices i have volume, sound, audio, voice, hardware. Call Of Duty World At War Sound Quality But you don't have to do the reinstall of your audio driver!!!

Also if you want a workaround that doesn't involve a headset, you can set your sounds to 16 bit explained here. Call Of Duty World At War No Voice Fix i have tryed everything and i cant get it to work any ideas. Apologies to the original poster) Vepo02-12-2009, 05:17 AMI'll give this a try when I get home as I had this problem where there was no sound when playing World at War, http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/944197-call-of-duty-world-at-war/46527663 My other sounds are completely fine.

I was about to uninstall the game completely, but the vista trick works. Call Of Duty World At War Audio Files duck031102-20-2009, 05:22 PMYes I bought via Steam and I have a feelin steam is the bandit behind this whole problem. As far as the USB headphones etc. Plugged in my USB headset, and I have sound through it.

Call Of Duty World At War No Voice Fix

No sound from the start, also running XP. http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f59/solved-cod-waw-sound-problems-352279.html jellyink02-20-2009, 07:38 PMNow Call Of Duty World At War No Sound Windows 8 It has never been an issue for any other of my games from steam on the same system. Cod Waw No Sound Windows 10 audio onboard sound.

Apologies to the original poster) No worry, my original wording was misleading. have a peek at these guys anything please i had this game for a week now and nosound stinks. http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=101457 killeruio02-07-2009, 11:11 PMI still havent got the patch :( Zorlac02-07-2009, 11:24 PMI still havent got the patch :( Should have been deployed to everyone, try restarting your steam client. Zorlac02-14-2009, 01:34 AMThread stickified, and renamed (For more visibility. Call Of Duty World At War No Sound Windows 10

still no sound. Thanks again to the Steam community who apparently can explain solutions better than Activision can. im running windows xp ser.pack 3 with realtek high def. check over here For Vista: Control Panels > Sound > Playback > Speakers > Properties Under the advanced tab change the audio to 16 bit 44100Hz (CD Quality) Worked like a charm for me,

jellyink02-20-2009, 02:26 AMThats where I'm at. Call Of Duty World At War No Dialogue Nup, no luck there either... coyoterys02-18-2009, 03:29 PMAny word on an official fix for this yet?

Lets hope they get this fixed asap so I can play it with the correct and full settings.

If Mr Zorlac does know of the precise location of the fixes link, would you be so kind to let us know where we might find it? Still see people here saying they have sound issues, and not saying if they tried the fixes or not. TRaSH02-08-2009, 09:29 PMActually your link did the trick. Call Of Duty World At War Surround Sound Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

dakotaballin31302-14-2009, 01:08 PMthats why i stated the options i had in my control panel for xp because the info you gave us is for vista. Zorlac02-09-2009, 01:36 AMwhat sucks though is you change the settings so you can play WaW then when youre done you have to go back and change the settings because now everything There just isn't the options. http://basetelecom.net/call-of/call-of-duty-world-at-war-sound-not-working.html setting sound card to 16bit - wouldnt allow it.

Yareking02-13-2009, 10:16 PMActually your link did the trick. Give those a whirl before you say it's not working, then get back with us. My friend's computer locks up in the Vs. and i also have tryed a usb headset doesnt work blitze02-13-2009, 04:35 PMSeems like my audio will not let me change to 16bit in the control panel.

killeruio02-08-2009, 12:58 AMoooh thx for the tip :D TRaSH02-08-2009, 09:24 PMYeah, I'm having this sound issue and don't exactly have a pair of usb phones.... any other fix or update to when a full fix will be released? Zorlac02-15-2009, 12:48 PMThe link also has XP fixes. It's the simplest of fixes without changing files.

Oh well, shelved until the next patch. I have the bug where I have no sound any longer, and I've found a simple work around until it's officially fixed. Steam Users' Forums > Steam Game Discussions > # - C > Call of Duty series > Call of Duty World at War > I am at a loss....

jellyink02-14-2009, 04:40 AMI can't try the fixes you suggested with XP. It'd be nice if these steam guys would get back to me with something to try at least. some are talking about the my sound card doesnt work with game im not sure i know its DirectX 9.. and we cant get to it.