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Car Air Conditioning Not Working Well


Connect the Low Pressure Hose (the one with the smaller coupling) to the Low Side Service port (usually located on the accumulator, or on the suction hose that goes from the NOTE: High and Low side pressure readings will vary with ambient temperature and humidity. This protects the compressor from possible damage caused by a lack of lubrication. If the orifice tube is plugged, the high side pressure reading will be lower than normal, and the low side reading will also be lower than normal because no refrigerant is this content

Leaks can be found by adding special dye to the system (available in pressurized cans premixed with refrigerant), an electronic leak detector, or plain old soapy water (spray on hose connections Always follow the vehicle or lubricant manufacturers compressor oil recommendations. Bacteria can also thrive under such conditions. Various methods can be used to check for leaks.

Car Ac Not Cold Enough

Good low pressure readings with R134a should usually be in the 30 to 35 PSI range. For more information, see the R134A RETROFIT GUIDE program featured on this website. The drainage tubes that carry condensation away from the evaporator should also be inspected and cleaned.

Another possible cause of no cooling may be that your A/C compressor is not be engaging when you turn on the A/C. Though poor cooling is often due to a low charge of refrigerant, it can also be caused by many other factors (see chart above). More than 6% air can cause a very noticeable drop in cooling performance, and possibly cause evaporator freeze-up. Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air Sometimes If the compressors magnetic clutch is not engaging when the A/C is turned on, the problem may be a blown fuse or a wiring problem.

Many replacement evaporators have a special chemical coating that inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria. Car Ac Not Cooling In Hot Weather After the air is out, it can be recharged with the specified amount of refrigerant. If the fuse is blown, replacing it may restore cooling temporarily. additional hints Need Help Now?

AIR CONDITIONER PROBLEM: INTERMITTENT COOLING An A/C system that blows cold air for awhile then warm air is probably freezing up. Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air When Idling A High side pressure reading of less than 150 PSI indicates a low charge or a compressor problem. AIR CONDITIONING PROBLEM: REFRIGERANT LEAKS All vehicles leak some refrigerant past seals and through microscopic pores in hoses. For this reason, the refrigerant recovery tank on recycling equipment must be checked and purged daily.

Car Ac Not Cooling In Hot Weather

Also check the relay wiring and ground connections. http://blog.firestonecompleteautocare.com/maintenance/car-air-conditioning-repair-troubleshooting/ If the magnetic clutch is receiving voltage but is not engaging the compressor, the clutch is defective and needs to be replaced. Car Ac Not Cold Enough POOR COOLING PERFORMANCE Diagnosing an A/C cooling problem is best done by connecting a gauge set to the high and low pressure service fitting on the system. Car Air Conditioner Troubleshooting The telltale oil stains and wet spots that indicate leaks on older R-12 systems are less apparent on the newer R-134a systems because PAG lubricants are not as "oily" as mineral

The most likely cause of an automotive air conditioner cooling problem is no refrigerant in the system. news Some possible causes of intermittent cooling (or no cooling) on automatic A/C systems include all of the above, plus: A problem in the control module or control head (this usually requires The "Type 1" retrofit follows the OEM recommended procedure and generally involves removing all the old mineral oil from the system, replacing the accumulator or receiver-drier with one that contains a A blockage here will prevent the refrigerant from entering the evaporator or recirculating through the refrigeration circuit. Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air After Recharge

R-12 systems require mineral oil while R-134a systems require various types of PAG oil or POE oil. If both the high and low side pressure gauges read low, the system is low and needs recharging. Click the Banner Below to Ask an Expert: More Air Conditioning Articles: Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist Troubleshoot Automatic Climate Control System A/C Cooling Problem: Blows Warm Air Only No Cool Air have a peek at these guys This can be caused by an electrical fault in the A/C compressor circuit or the magnetic clutch that drives the compressor.

Refer to the vehicle manufacturer specifications for normal system operating pressures, and the total refrigerant capacity of the system. Car Ac Blowing Hot Air After Recharge Another reason for flushing is to remove residual lubricating oil from the system. A/C Gauge Readings To determine the HIGH SIDE and LOW SIDE pressures inside your vehicle's air conditioning system, you need an A/C Gauge Set.

Click the Banner Below to Ask an Expert: R134a Retrofit Guide for converting older A/C systems to R134a More Air Conditioning Articles: Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Troubleshoot Automatic

This makes it harder to see leaks. Replacing badly contaminated parts such as the condenser, accumulator or receiver-drier and orifice tube or expansion valve is another way to get rid of these contaminants, but flushing is usually a Because R-134a raises compressor discharge pressures and increases the compressors work load, some lightweight compressors may not be rugged enough to tolerate R-134a over the long haul. Car Air Conditioner Repair Cost TROUBLESHOOTING AIR CONDITIONING ODOR If a vehicles air conditioner blows out air that smells like the inside of old gym sneaker when the A/C is turned on, microbes are growing on

Using mineral oil in a newer R-134a system can cause serious lubrication problems as can using the wrong grade (viscosity) of PAG oil. The next thing you should check when troubleshooting a no cooling problem is system pressure. Today's A/C systems with automatic climate control are very complex and require special tools and know-how to diagnose and repair. check my blog So you should also replace the accumulator or receiver-drier if the system is contaminated, has leaks or must be opened up for repairs.

If the refrigerant has escaped past a leaky compressor or O-ring seal, leaked out of a pinhole in the evaporator or condenser, or seeped out through a leaky hose, the leak These include "parallel" flow condensers and those with extremely small passageways. If the compressor works when you jump it, and the A/C blows cold air, the system contains refrigerant and the fault is likely a bad A/C compressor clutch relay or a That is because R-12 systems cool best when charged with R-12 refrigerant.

Debris can also migrate backwards from the compressor through the suction hose causing blockages in the accumulator or receiver-drier. Once saturated, sludge begins to form. Federal law also requires the installation of R-134a fittings on the high and low service ports to reduce the chance of refrigerant cross-contamination the next time the vehicle is serviced, and Check to see if the relay is receiving voltage when the A/C is turned on.

For added insurance after flushing, you can install a high side filter to protect the orifice tube or expansion valve from any residual debris that might still be in the system, One of the first things you should check, therefore, is compressor engagement. How to tell if your A/C system needs refrigerant: look at the LOW pressure gauge reading when the engine is OFF. With the engine OFF, connect the A/C Gauge Set High Pressure Hose (the one with the larger coupler fitting) to the High Side service port (usually located in the compressor output